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Jarrett Adams

​Jarrett Adams recently launched the Law Offices of Jarrett Adams, PLLC, a firm specializing in criminal defense and civil rights matters. Prior to starting his firm, Mr. Adams was a Post-Conviction Litigation Fellow with the Innocence Project, a non-profit legal services firm which focuses on exonerating the wrongfully convicted through DNA testing. Before practicing with the Innocence Project, In 2000, at the age of 17, Mr. Adams was sentenced to a 28-year prison term for sexual assault and reaching out to an Innocence Project. After state post-conviction proceedings were exhausted, the Wisconsin Innocence Project filed a federal habeas petition on Mr. Adams’s behalf. The petition was denied by the district court, but that decision was overturned in 2006 by a unanimous Seventh Circuit panel. The state dismissed all charges against him and Mr. Adams was released in February 2016. Upon release in February of 2007, Mr. Adams co-founded of a non-profit called Life After Justice, which advocates for the rights of the wrongfully convicted after release, graduated from Loyola Law School in Chicago, clerked for the same Seventh Circuit that overturned his conviction and is now practicing law and residing in New York. ​