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Huma Nasir

Huma Nasir is Forensic DNA Consultant. She previously served as the Technical Leader of Cellmark Forensics, a private, state of the art DNA laboratory located in Dallas, TX. Huma received her B.S in Biological Sciences from the University of New Orleans and her M.S in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a concentration in Forensic Serology and DNA from the University of Florida. Huma started her forensic career at ReliaGene Technologies, a private, accredited DNA laboratory in New Orleans, in 2001 and moved to Dallas in 2008 to work for Orchid Cellmark. Huma has over 17 years of experience in Forensic casework and DNA analysis. She is qualified in autosomal STRs, Y-STRs and mitochondrial DNA analysis. She has testified over 100 times in several jurisdictions all over the US in both civil and criminal cases and has testified for both prosecution and defense. Huma has also testified at post-conviction hearings. Huma has worked with several Innocence Projects over the years and her testing and case reviews have resulted in numerous exonerations.