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Anita Wills

Anita Wills is a writer, author, speaker and community activist. She is the author of six books, including A Nation of Flaws JustUs in the Homeland, which is a historical account of policing in America. Ms. Wills previously worked as a pre-school teacher, childcare provider, and administrative assistant. She sits on the advisory board of Essie Justice Group; traveling extensively for the organization and facilitating a cohort of women with incarcerated loved ones. Ms. Wills became an activist when her son Kerry Baxter, Sr. was wrongfully convicted of 2nd Degree Murder in 2003. She has done advocacy work around many issues including wrongful convictions, disparate sentencing of African Americans, sentencing reform, prisoners’ rights, and ending money bail. 

In 2011, Ms. Wills’ grandson, Kerry Baxter, Jr., was killed under mysterious circumstances in Oakland, California. This tragic event caused Ms. Wills to become an activist against police killings. Since that time, she has traveled to Ferguson (Mike Brown), Cleveland (Tamir Rice), Stockton (James Rivera Junior), Vallejo (Mario Romero), Santa Rosa (Andy Lopez), and many more locations to stand in solidarity with families of those killed by police. In May of 2016, Ms. Wills and family members who lost loved ones through police action traveled to Havana, Cuba at the invitation of the Cuban Federation of Women. There the group participated in the Cuban Independence Celebration on May 1st and met with many community activists including a member of the Cuban Five. 

Ms. Wills attended San Jose City College, Laney College, Merritt College and Chabot College, where she majored in History, English, and Early Childhood Education. She holds a Certificate in Early Childhood Education.