The Innocence Movement in Asia

Location: Hernando de Soto Room
Date: Sat, March 24
Time: 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM

Experts from China, Japan, Taiwan, Viet Nam and Korea to discuss the state of wrongful convictions and the movement to exonerate the wrongfully convicted in their jurisdictions. Each jurisdiction has experienced high profile wrongful convictions of factually innocent people but the Innocence Movement in each place is at a different stage of development. For example, the Taiwan Innocence Association is already a Network member and the Innocence Project of Japan is already established but is not yet a Network member. China has had a number of high profile exonerations and at least one law firm has created a pro bono center to focus on exonerating the innocent. Viet Nam and Korea are at even earlier stage of development. The time is right for legal experts from the Asia region to share their experiences with the broader global Innocence movement. 

101- Beginner