Taking Your Case to a Conviction Integrity Unit: Ethical & Strategic Considerations (network members only)

Location: Hernando de Soto Room
Date: Sat, March 24
Time: 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM

Conviction Integrity Units (CIUs) have been an important development for innocence litigators. When the CIU process works, it can help free clients more quickly -- and with the acknowledgement by a prosecutor that the client is innocent. But not all CIUs are created equal, not all cases are right for CIUs, and deciding when to take a case to a CIU can be complicated. The process raises ethical concerns about possible harm to clients and strategic concerns about when to litigate versus when to collaborate. Finally, there are some prosecutors who push back no matter what, so there are questions about when and whether to even attempt collaboration in those cases. Network members and litigators are facing these issues all over the country, and this roundtable will be a guided discussion of these experiences, with the goal of sharing collective lessons and strategies going forward. 

301- Advanced