Litigating Mass Exoneration after Official Misconduct

Location: Continental Room
Date: Fri, March 23
Time: 9:45 AM - 11:00 AM

Over 20,000 exonerations in the Massachusetts lab scandal! Nearly 1,000 cases dismissed in Philadelphia after the indictment of seven police officers! Hundreds more in Baltimore and Chicago fighting for the same after evidence of widespread police corruption emerges! How does this happen? It is no accident. When evidence emerges that government officials committed systemic misconduct, litigators from around the country have been in the trenches advocating for exoneration en masse. This session will explore the unique investigative and creative litigation strategies employed to achieve mass exoneration of all those affected by officials that commit misconduct. The presenters will also explore the differences in representing clients when mass exoneration is the goal versus representing a single, factually innocent client.

All Experience Levels