Improving Client Communication and Intake Accessibility

Location: Venetian Room
Date: Sat, March 24
Time: 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM

In innocence work, we strive for inclusivity but there are ways in which we can fail some of our most vulnerable clients, despite our best efforts. This panel will discuss how we can use an intersectional approach to improve our intake procedures and communication skills so we can better serve clients who might otherwise be missed by our efforts, including those for whom communication in English might be difficult or impossible. We will pay special attention to incarcerated people with disabilities, those who do not speak or write English, Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals, those incarcerated at a young age, and individuals experiencing trauma, illness and/or mental health conditions, and we will examine the ways in which identities and circumstances overlap to create unique challenges for the people we serve.

Race and Wrongful Convictions