Ensuring an Intake System helps free the most People

Location: Hernando de Soto Room
Date: Fri, March 23
Time: 11:15 AM - 12:30 PM

There are more innocent people in prison than any innocence organization can currently help. With this in mind, every organization has the same goal: How to free the most people who are innocent with the resources available. This session will look at how intake, particularly non-DNA intake, relates to this goal and will try to identify the questions we can all ask about our intake systems in order to make sure they are serving this goal. The session will include the perspective of an exoneree who has applied to two innocence organizations and has years of experience as an Inmate Counsel Substitute. He will provide unique insights as to how an intake system might be viewed from inside prison and why this can be crucial to an organization’s success. This session aims to be of value to new organizations developing their intake systems, organizations that are considering altering their mandates/priorities, and established organizations that wish to evaluate their intake systems.

All Experience Levels