Effective Partners- Building Relationships with Law Firms to Win More Cases

Location: Forest Room
Date: Fri, March 23
Time: 2:45 PM - 4:00 PM

Hattie Tanner was exonerated in 2017 after nearly 20 years in prison. Her freedom is owed to a monumental victory in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, achieved by lawyers from the Jones Day law firm, who took the case at the behest of the Michigan Innocence Clinic. Building partnerships with law firms is an essential part of maximizing the impact an innocence project can have. It eases workloads and enables projects to avoid potential conflicts of interest, while still ensuring top-notch representation for the wrongfully convicted. This session will focus on how innocence projects can build such relationships with large law firms. The session will feature Chad Readler, a former partner at Jones Day who successfully litigated several habeas cases, including Tanner, and Michigan Innocence Clinic Assistant Director Imran Syed who has built such relationships with several law firms in Michigan and across the country.

201- Intermediate